What do you do with old clothes?

I grow pretty fast. I'm 8! Lots of my clothes get stains on them too. Which makes me wonder where I can donate or recycle my old clothes.

The average person throws away over 80 pounds of textiles each year. That's more than I weigh! Over 15 million tons of old clothing and textiles are discarded each year and only 15% are recycled. The ones that stay in landfills release a harmful gas when decomposing called methane. Methane is a greenhouse gas that contributes to global warming. That's scary! And it can take hundreds of years for synthetic clothing to decompose! But, nearly 100% of textiles are recyclable!

So what do you do with old clothes and linens? Resale stores are an easy solution. I've donated to a lot of stores like this with these non-profits.

1) Salvation Army

2) Goodwill

3) Children's Cancer Society

4) The Arc

I've also found a cool place that gives children's clothes directly to kids in need. It's called The Oasis Network.

And I'm going to explore recycling soon. H&M accepts items at their stores and gives discounts on future purchases.

So let's start cleaning out our closets and helping our communities and planet. Check out my vlog on YouTube.

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