Hi, I'm Zach! I'm on a mission to help Planet Earth and my community! I've collected and donated more than 65,000 used books to schools and Little Free Libraries in all 50 states!  I've also upcycled 3000 used stuffed animals and made them into pet toys for Shelter Animals! I call this project Zach's Planet! I've also sold bracelets for Ocean Conservation!  Check them out!  

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Used Books


I run lots of collection drives and so far I've donated 65,000 used books to schools, group homes and Little Free Libraries!  I get a lot of requests and I've supplied books to Little Free Libraries in all 50 states!

Stuffed Animals


I teamed up with a non-profit called Glad Dogs Nation to upcycle used stuffed animals and make them into toys for dogs and cats living in rescues and shelters.  I've donated 3000 to shelters in 19 states!  

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Zach's Packs


Many kids I give books to needed a place to keep the books so I fund-raised and purchased 1100 Zach's Packs and gave them to kids in Title 1 Schools!